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About H2UB

H2UB connects startups with companies, universities, research institutes and investors. We create synergies that accelerate the development of the hydrogen market in Europe. Start-ups often have innovative and groundbreaking ideas, but also a lack of funds to implement and market these ideas on their own. At the same time, many players in the industry lack of the decisive impulses and creative minds to drive their innovation management – this is exactly where H2UB steps in and connects all partners with each other!

Since October 15, 2021, H2UB has been ramping up the project as well as (wo)manpower, setting up own events and has started to grow a network of partners, startups, research laboratories etc.

What does that mean for you? You can participate right from the start! If you also want to benefit from the synergies H2UB creates – we look forward to hearing from you via our contact form!

As the foundation of H2UBs’ corporate pillar, our partners are as ambitious as we are in advancing the H2 market ramp-up. Not only are they exchanging knowledge with other companies and help is building a regional and European H2 network, they also have exclusive access to innovation potential and new technologies through our start-ups.

Hydrogen is teamwork

Meet the team.

We are H2UB. We are a team. We are bundling our expertise and building a network that links H2 start-ups with all other stakeholders such as companies, universities and R&D institutions.

This is us
Uwe Kerkmann
Uwe Kerkmann
Susanne Görgens
Staff & Finance
Carolin Nickel
Events & Projects

Robin Ibing
Events & Projects
Moritz Glettenberg
Strategy & Ecosystem
Frederik Dieckmann
Operations & Ressources

Marina Scheider
PR & Communications
Aljoscha Frede
Start-up Ecosystem & Support

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