SPRINT Batch #5: Here we go!

Recently, the new batch of our accelerator program SPRINT started. Over the next 10 weeks, 5 start-ups (from Seed or Series A) will work with us on their individual challenges, their business strategies but especially on their fundraising and sales skills.

The SPRINT kicked off on April 10th, 2024 with two days of workshops with business mentors and industry experts from our broad and international network. Afterwards, start-ups and mentors will stay in touch and work closely together on a weekly basis. As part of the SPRINT, our start-ups will be attending the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition in Rotterdam on May 14, 2024 where they will be able to network and forge alliances with our industry contacts.

Our batch #5 covers almost all aspects of the hydrogen value chain:

  • Components used to produce hydrogen, such as fuel cells or electrolysers, are usually expensive and have a short life span due to corrosion. This is where Naco Technologies has found its calling. They develop and produce new materials that are more durable and less expensive than the traditional platinum coatings.
  • ICODOS is developing a new environmentally friendly production process for methanol using H2 derived from biogas from waste streams in combination with renewable electricity. In this way, they are contributing to the transformation of the maritime and chemical industries towards a more sustainable future.
  • nium also wants to make a difference in the chemical industry. Starting with the production of ammonia, they are decarbonizing, decentralizing and democratizing the process with their nanotechnology. The H2 needed to synthesize ammonia comes from the air, the N2 from the earth.
  • NanoChronia addresses the issue of maintaining the volume of hydrogen or ammonia that is produced during the production and transport. Its semiconductor nanosensor systems and associated software can easily detect leaks and alerts its customers to the problem of component detoriation that could lead to a leakage of hydrogen.
  • In terms of storage, AMBARTEC is looking at how to use existing capabilities to make the transition to hydrogen as an energy source efficient and feasible. They are using ion oxide pallets, which can be easily stored in various containers, as a medium to store H2 until it is needed.

The 10-week accelerator program will conclude with our HYDROVERSE CONVENTION on June 18, where each start-up will present itself and its product on stage to more than 500 experts from the hydrogen industry.

But our commitment does not end with the program. As part of our #HYDROVERSE ecosystem, our start-ups benefit from our ongoing support. They will be invited to events and matched with corporate partners and investors as needed.

If you are a hydrogen start-up and are in urgent need of expertise and funding to scale up your business, do not hesitate to contact us and become part of our upcoming SPRINT batch #6 in autumn 2024!

👉 You would like to apply? Use the following link: SPRINT batch #6 application

16.04.2024 / Category: Start-ups

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