European Hydrogen Startup Alliance


The European Hydrogen Startup Alliance supports start-ups where there is no sufficient time, resources and, as a single start-up, not enough power for important ecosystem, network and policy management tasks:

  • The EHSA is One Voice to jointly perform as H2 evangelist, for a future with H2 as THE primary energy carrier and with startups as THE agile flywheel in the H2 industry, e.g. in the form of joint events or joint publications (“H2 NOW!”).
  • The EHSA is One Voice to jointly articulate challenges & needs to industry associations, governments, EU and regulatory authorities and to influence research, industry and funding programs, in a sense an “Industry & Government Relationship Management” of the EHSA as a “Shared Service” for startups.
  • The EHSA is the single point of contact for industry associations, governments, EU and regulatory authorities to share important information (new programs, current tenders, legislation, etc.) early and systematically with all H2 start-ups in Europe.
  • The EHSA organizes free round table and P2P learning sessions for H2 startups on various topics related to the development and growth phase of startups.
  • The EHSA organizes top mentoring sessions and top expert coaching to provide start-ups with the decisive impulses, enable opportunities and open doors.

These startups are already co-initiators of the EHSA!

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  • The H2UB is a matchmaker and accelerator for all H2 market players including related domains such as digitalization and mobility. The EHSA is an interest group only for start-ups and their needs.
  • The EHSA does not organize any matchmaking between start-ups and companies, research institutions, suppliers, investors, etc. – H2UB is in charge of organizing such matchmaking.

Our H2UB network already includes
more than 100 European H2 startups

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